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Which CMS suits my blogs requirements best?

Choosing a Content Management System for your purpose

This takes some research and basic familiarization with each system. Each one has a demo site that can give you an idea of their functionality in the Front-End and Back-End or Administrator area. Each having feedback and reviews from current users and developers.

To give you an idea of popularity and usage from the number of downloads and plugins written, the following has been gathered and summarized.

• WordPress

140 million Downloads – 2,000+ Free Themes – 27,000+ plugins – Best used from blogs to mid-sized corporate websites Easy to manage – SEO natively friendly – Masses of options

• Drupal

15 million Downloads – 1,800+ Free Themes – 24,000+ Plugins – The first CMS released in 2001 – The best choice for complex data and large user, community based sites – Light framework producing quick response times.

• Joomla

30 million Downloads – 900+ Free Themes – 7,000+ plugins – Created in 2005 – Popular choice for a variety of e-Commerce plugin options – Not overly SEO friendly.

They are all good systems and can make development of a slick website simple, with little to no computer experience.

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