Where to start?

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Where do I start?

Before work begins on your blog there are numerous decisions to be made to define the best configuration that generates the best possibilities for your blog. Some of these decisions will already be answered from your own experiences online and with the inspiration and passion you have for your blog’s success.

Some initial questions…
Do I build a hard-coded and unique framework in PHP and HTML or use a content management system (CMS), like WordPress – Joomla – Drupal and others? A hard-coded framework will give uniqueness, however at what cost? All functionality required will need to be created from scratch and will cost the most. You will probably end up with a blog that is similar in look and feel and also functionality to that of a CMS at a massively increased cost. You may have a reason to hard-code, so go for it.

In most cases the CMS option will be chosen, as budget and access to a team of developers may be limited and not warranted. Keep in mind, depending on your own skills or skills available to you, a web-developer and graphic-artist may be beneficial to engage and should short-cut the process and help get you started.

We will be focusing on WordPress as it has the most diverse and dynamic capabilities, regular updates with an ease of managing and is the greatest in popularity.

You can choose a local web developer and graphic artist or look online and employ a developer from another country. You can also work it out with friends? All of these will work. It is really determined by blog requirements and budget. Either way, you will need to have an idea of how you want your blog to look, feel and function and what you want to deliver.

I want to build my own blog      I want someone else to build my blog      I already have a WordPress blog


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