3rd Party Build my blog

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Someone else is building my blog for me

If you are outsourcing the build of your blog you will need to have some clear ideas and concepts around the focus and purpose of your blog. There are many decisions to make and clarity gained, so you can guide your developer effectively.

Webhost and Platform: Your developer will probably have their own preffered tools and services that they will be familiar with, like the online platform used, the domain manager and webhost used. Familiarity brings accuracy. They will be able to match your blogs needs with a suitable webhost and platform, to give affordability and allow growth.

Domain name: If you don’t already have a domain name, you will need one for your blog. You can discuss the options with your developer. Consider what your blog is about and choose a domain name that suits it best. Check with a domain registrar for its availability and cost. Your domain name is part of the branding of your blog and the business or organization that it represents, even if its a personal blog.

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